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Modern Website Design

The world of web site design is full of companies and freelancers who rely on snazzy interface design to draw clients in. While the designs – initially – will excite, most often they need to be replaced by sites that actually work. What’s under the hood?

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Custom Web App Development

“Web Applications” include a wide array of programming and design used to develop a specific functional product or service. These applications can be as simple as an Internet form that interacts with clients, to a custom-developed project management system.

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Unique Brand Solutions

A logo should have lasting visual appeal and style that can stand the test of time. A properly designed logo concept should relay the kind of business you have, a style relavent to your industry and overall marketing attitude as well as remain recognizable in the overcrowded marketplace.

Take on the Mobile Web.



So we’ve completed your *Web Service package, you’re ecstatic, we’re proud, and your home users are loving and using your new site. While the site is designed properly and can be viewed without error on all smartphones, take a look at it. Yes, the information is there, but somewhat clumsy as a result of the limited screen size of these devices.

That’s where a Mobile Website from f6 Design Logic can really make you shine! These sites are designed device-specific, and only the necessary information and services are presented. A true forward-thinking addition to your company’s online presence that shows your customers and prospects that you care about their business, and that you are modern in the marketplace.

Mobile Websites from f6 are available as an add-on to your *Webexperience, or as a separate service for your existing site.